Chip Youmans

Platinum Developments

As Chief Executive Officer of Platinum Developments, Chip Youmans brings over twenty years of real estate experience. Since starting Platinum in 2004, Mr. Youmans has overseen all Platinum activities, both in day-to-day operations and in the development and execution of long-term strategies.  Bringing the company to the forefront of both Michigan and Florida. Under Mr. Youmans leadership he has acquired, developed or entitled over 600 building units in Southwest Florida.  Whether it is a multifamily housing project or a retail shopping center, Platinum Developments goal remains the same: to deliver quality projects that exceeds expectations. Since graduating from Michigan State University in 1993, Mr. Youmans has repeatedly demonstrated his entrepreneurial talents in acquiring and developing numerous successful real estate projects, both residential and commercial.  As a state licensed builder, Chip has experience with a diverse range of projects including, office buildings, retail, commercial and luxury residential projects; including single family and multi-family homes.

Recent projects:

Developed 215 lot residential subdivision Marquesa Isle in Naples, Florida – JV with Neal Communities

Developed, owned and managed an office building on 5th Ave in Olde Naples, Florida

Developed Cambridge Park 155 lot residential subdivision in Michigan

Developed and built Woodfield Highlands 74-unit multifamily condo project in Grand Blanc, Michigan

Developed Park Valley 36-unit condo project in Michigan

Developed 48 lot residential subdivision Woodland Meadows in Michigan

Built over 200 residential homes